Lost Angeles

an urban fantasy collaboration with A.L. Purol

Recommended for readers 18+. Contains mature language, violence, and sexual scenarios

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Vampires might be mainstream now, but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t looking over their collective, fragile, human shoulders and wondering ‘what’s next?’

And Lourdes Chase is right to wonder, because “what’s next” turns out to be an centuries-old vendetta between two blood brothers, a dangerous villain from her recent past, visions of golden eyes and silver teeth, and a guardian angel who just might drink a little.


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My life is simple: make the drugs, run the drugs, sell the drugs, launder the money. Shmooze the traffickers, play the facade, and whatever else happens? No fucking attachments.

Trick St. John runs his life by a strict code of conduct that’s served him well for two centuries. But after a fateful encounter with a set of fallen angels, he finds himself saddled with one tiny, redheaded complication, the very person he’s been trying like hell to avoid since his last unbirthday celebration.


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Hell hath no fury and whatnot, and I can understand the desire for vengeance. I can even admire her moxie, but nobody screws me and walks away without paying the toll.

A friendly neighborhood reaper has put an expiration date on Caspian Declan’s immortality, and now he has a year to get all his affairs in order… starting with the woman who put the last of his bloodline in the direct path of his oldest enemy.

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