In which I attempt to answer the most frequently-asked questions:

You seem like a fun person! Can we hang out?

We can, in fact, hang out! Here’s how it works… head over to my Patreon page and become a patron. I am posting snippets of microfiction over there, along with silly stories and sneak previews of upcoming projects. The rewards include thank you notes from your favorite character, the invitation to pin on the “Overabundance of Nonsense” Pinterest board, and at the VIP level, you are invited to a monthly Google+ Hangout, can get your name in the acknowledgements of my next novel, or even get critiques for your own writing. We are close to unlocking the next Glitter Milestone, so get in on the fun.

What happened to the “Tangled Writing” screencaps?

They got moved to make way for my new adult urban fantasy series, LOST ANGELES. You can still find the screencaps this-a-way.

Will you do an interview/blog/vlog for my website?

Yes, and thank you for asking! Interviews are granted on first-come first-served basis. I can’t answer them on a deadline for you, because I complete them in between other writing projects.

For the moment, I don’t do vlogs, because no one wants to hear my kids or my dogs howling in the background. Also: hair and make-up people are hard to come by in the outer boondocks of Sparkleville.

What about personal appearances? Can I get you to come to my library or school event?

My fees for personal appearances vary. Please contact me with further details about your event, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Can you answer these two/four/twelve/hundred questions for a research paper I’m writing about you/your books/YA literature/Shakespeare at school?

I am fantastically flattered that you chose me or any of my books as a subject for your paper. At this time, though, I can’t answer questions of that nature due to time constraints and the fact that there’s a fine, wavery, messy line between “helping” and “doing your homework for you.”

Can I get an Advance Review Copy (ARC) of _______ from you?

If you review urban fantasy or paranormal romance, you can currently put in a request for a review copy of LOST ANGELES or LOOSE CANON. Please use the contact form, and remember to include a link to your website.

Can I get swag for myself? Or a giveaway?

Currently, I have swag for:

  • The theater novels (rack cards, backstage pass bracelets, signed bookplates. Please note I only mail out one signed bookplate per request.)
  • TICKER (bookmarks, rack cards, golden “Overabundance of Nonsense” seal, Violet’s BAKE CAKE knuckle tattoos, signed bookplates)
  • STRICTLY NO ELEPHANTS (ALL ARE WELCOME stickers, tiny elephant stickers, signed bookplates — please specify to whom you want this one personalized)
  • SUGAR SKULLS (signed bookplates by *both* authors)

To get any of the above, all you have to do is send me a SASE with enough postage to get it back to you. Please include a note as to which swag packs you would like.

Book bloggers can request any of the above for a giveaway *if* they plan on running a contest that includes a copy of the book (print or digital) as a prize. At this time, I cannot provide books for giveaways.

My official mailing address is:

Lisa Mantchev
806 E. 8th Street
Port Angeles, WA 98363

How can I get my books signed?

First, check my Appearances page to see if I have anything coming up near you. Since most of my events are in WA state, chances are you will need to stick your books in a large bubble envelope and include another self-addressed bubble envelope with enough postage on it to get the books back to you. Please include a note or a Post-It detailing how/to whom you want the books inscribed. See official mailing address above.

Can I just buy signed books somewhere?

I have signed books available through the University of Washington Bookstore as well as a variety of indie bookstores in my area. Be certain, when you contact them or place an order, that you specify you want an autographed copy.

I can also mail out signed copies of any of my books. Please use the contact form, and I will forward payment information to you.

What are you working on now/what’s coming up next?

I have two more picture books from S&S, slated for Spring, 2017 and Fall, 2017, a fantasy chapter book on submission, and the next installment of my adult/paranormal collaboration in the works.

I love the art on your website! Who did it for you?

I commissioned the lovely and talented CĂ©line Chapus of Purple Top Hat to design the art. You can buy prints of “The Writer Lady” at her website.