Lost Angeles, Book 3

Humanity’s King. Hell’s Queen. Heaven’s Knight.

Billionaire philanthropist Caspian Declan has gotten everything he ever wanted: a vast financial empire, far-flung political influence, and more power than most men ever dream of. Money can’t buy salvation, though, and Cas spends most of his valuable time giving back in an attempt to assuage the sting of old wounds. The Legacy would like nothing more than to harness his considerable authority for their cause, except Cas hasn’t spent two hundred years playing for Team Humanity to switch sides now. But when a rule-abiding reaper puts an expiration date on eternity, Cas finds himself in the untenable position of having to set his affairs in order quickly, starting with the woman who put the last of his bloodline directly in the sights of his most hated enemy.

A year ago, Mireille Reece lost her parents in an accident that seemed anything but accidental.A position with Uriel Dellassandro should have yielded the answers she needed, but instead she fell into the arms—and bed—of the world’s most disciplined aristocrat. Now, fresh out of rehab, she knows she ought to swear off vampires forever, but there’s just one small thing she can’t get off her conscience: the fact that someone murdered her parents. Everything comes full circle the night Caspian Declan returns to Scion, because he’s the one addiction she just cannot quit, and theirs is a dangerous game of seduction, strategy, passion, and betrayal.

With Uriel and the Legacy closing in, Reille and Cas find themselves in need of a little celestial intervention. Aided by resident archangel Jax Trace, they’ll have to set aside personal vendettas and past indiscretions in order to avert the impending apocalypse. But when the same ruthless vampires who’ve been courting Cas and hunting down Virtues bring their war directly to Reille’s doorstep, they force Cas to make a difficult choice:

Sacrifice his queen…

Or sacrifice himself.


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