Perchance To Dream

THÉÂTRE ILLUMINATA, ACT II (Feiwel & Friends, 2010)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a fairy in possession of good appetite must be in want of pie.

Beatrice Shakespeare Smith’s search for her stolen companion has brought her travelling company far from the stage of the Théâtre Illuminata. With the power of her words, Bertie can reshape reality, but the magic is wild and defies her attempts to control it. The Pirate’s time is running out and Sea Goddess will not give up her prize willingly.

Word Around Town

“This is another rousing adventure of literary and theatrical whimsy, filled with sly twists and humorous moments. Bertie’s continuing story deserves multiple encores and a standing ovation.” — REALMS OF FANTASY August, 2010

“This sequel to Eyes like Stars (2009) returns to the fantastical Théâtre Illuminata, where 17-year-old Bertie Shakespeare Smith continues her wild, swashbuckling, genre-twisting adventures through magical, theatrical worlds. As in the previous volume, romance (more steamy suggestion than actual bodice-ripping) drives the girl-power plot, but the humorous allusions to famous literature, the breakneck banter among the magical cast, and, most of all, Bertie’s astonishing ability to influence the course of actions with her written words will captivate readers. Fans of the first title will be equally enchanted and will hope for a third act from Bertie.” — Booklist

“By turns perilous and comedic, the tale rolls along at breakneck speed as the troupe encounters danger and delight, negotiating predicaments with magic and wit. The fairies’ constant clamor for pie adds hilarity as Bertie explores the extent of her magical powers, untangles her origins, and meets her father… Mantchev’s highly imaginative prose bursts with lush imagery and literary riffs, and the party’s encounter with the Innamorati, a traveling circus inspired by Cirque du Soleil, enhances the book’s surrealism… fans of the first book will cry “Encore!” as the ending sets up the third in the series.” — School Library Journal

“The pace is fast and furious, and the secrets to Bertie’s intriguing heritage unfold satisfyingly, but it’s Mantchev’s fresh, intelligent style that delights most. This fantastical romp-an absolute must for theater buffs-might stand alone, but it’d be a pity not to start with the first.” — Kirkus Reviews

  • Nominated for the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children’s Literature (series)
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