Add some magic to your winter…

Add some magic to your winter…

December 2, 2015 News Writerly Things 0

So thrilled to announce that my short story, “The Dressmaker,” appears in this issue of Faerie Magazine.

Faerie Magazine Winter 15 Cover

Issue #33 features an interview with Isabel Allende, an original fairy tale (and knit) from Alice Hoffman and Lisa Hoffman, a magical story from Lisa Mantchev, a Prague fairy tale spread with Baba Studio, a piece on old-time frost fairs (plus excerpts from Virginia Woolf and Helen Humphreys), some delectable fresh cranberry recipes, a fun tutorial with apple dolls, a look at MAC’s new Faerie Whispers collection … and much more! This issue will be in stores and subscriber hands in December!

Dressmaker Faerie Magazine

The old woman sits high in the clouds, stray meteors tangled in her gray curls. The Moon is full of gossip this evening, waxing poetic about all the things seen on the other side of the planet. The Dressmaker listens and nods, hands working all the while. Her silver scissors *snip, snip, snip* at the icy linen of a christening gown intended for a soon-to-be-discovered galaxy. The scraps fall, gathering in drifts about her feet.

“Godmother?” comes the shy inquiry from a star they call Mira.

“Yes, child?” *Snip, snip, snip.* The next storm will be a fierce one.

“I wondered…”

“Did you now?” The old woman smiles. “Was it something in particular?”

Cold lips brush against the Dressmaker’s ear when Mira leans close, perhaps not wanting the Moon to overhear her. “I wonder if you would make me a gown?”

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