Our Kids Are Superheroes

Our Kids Are Superheroes

June 21, 2018 Random Silliness 0


Summer vacation is upon us, and parents/caregivers everywhere are already tearing out their hair (my own kid opened the front door to the mailman when I was upstairs and mostly naked, trying to take a shower, so I FEEL YOU.)

My not-at-all-nefarious suggestion is that you pick up a copy of JINX AND THE DOOM FIGHT CRIME! or borrow one from an awesome library, and then you can spend a day being superheroes! This can include cardboard box rocket ships, missions from Headquarters (chores can be fun!) stopping to have lunch, and then getting back to fighting more crime. I’m with Edna Mode that capes aren’t always a great idea, but as long as you stay away from jet turbines and whirlpools, it should be okay. Ditto for masks. Remember, they are terribly comfortable and pretty soon everyone will be wearing one.

There are also bigger ways to teach our kids about helping others. They can collect food for the local Humane Society. Run a lemonade stand and donate the money to a homeless shelter. Help a neighbor weed their garden. Volunteer at the local library.

The most important lesson we can teach our little supers right now is that kindness is a universal language, and it’s more important than ever to care about people.