Divine Revelation


Lucien Altaira has been roaming the earth since he fell, wearing the same face and making the same Deal: your soul in exchange for what you most desire in this life. But humans are a race that Lucien holds in no high esteem, seeing as how they were God’s chosen, the source of all his troubles since the beginning, and not a single one has ever proved useful to him. Until now.

Lumen Scipio has spent her life hidden away in convents, locked up in libraries, and protected by the most formidable vampire family on the planet, but it wasn’t until she shared a kiss with the Devil that she had any desire to break away from the blood-ties that bind. Selling her soul to guarantee her family’s safety might not have been as selfless as it seemed, but as Lumen falls head-over-heels for the enemy, she must find a way to protect the world from the most destructive weapon in Heaven’s holy arsenal: herself. 

Soon, Lumen’s caught up in a game of secrets and manipulation, the center of a celestial standoff an eternity in the making, because the archangels have awoken, the apocalypse is nigh, and the world’s only hope lies in saving the one divine being who fell hardest of them all: 


Co-written with A.L. Purol

Word Around Town

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