Can’t wait another second to read TICKER?

Then surprise, my lovelies, you can read it right now! It’s true! TICKER was selected as one of four titles for the US and UK Kindle First Program, which means you can get the digital edition RIGHT NOW for $1.99 (and for FREE if you are an Amazon Prime Member.) Kindle First is a program that offers customers early access to new Kindle books across popular genres from Amazon Publishing.[...]

TICKER cover art

TICKER cover art

Feast your eyes upon the shiny, for the cover gods and goddesses continue to smile upon me! Publication date has now been set to December 1, 2014, so set the timers on you SugarWerks Carry-Away Cake Boxes and let’s synchronize our pocket watches! Also, don’t forget you can preorder now (highly advised, because reasons!)

TICKER now available for preorder!

According to the Bazalgate Evening Gazette, you can now trade your hard-earned coin for a copy of a most excellent steampunk adventure by a Young Adult Author Of Good Reputation (and Impeccable Taste in Corsetry.) Step this way, if you please.