LOST ANGELES series announcement

LOST ANGELES series announcement

April 29, 2015 News Shiny Things Writerly Things 0

Every time you heard me muttering on Facebook or Twitter about vampires and archangels… this is the project I was working on.

LostAngelesCoverCOMING SUMMER, 2015…

In Los Angeles, everyone could use a guardian angel, even if you’re a tiny piece of Heaven.

A year ago, Lourdes Chase lost two months of her life to a kidnapping nightmare that she’s only now piecing together. She arrives in California with every intention of tracking down those responsible, but when she wakes up in a strange motel room with no recollection of how she got there, it’s a blue-eyed, fast-talking stranger who offers an assist. Then a chance audition at a downtown nightclub drops her in the proverbial lap of everyone’s favorite immortal rocker…

Xaine is the poster boy of hedonistic infamy, from his supercar to his Palisades mansion to his record label, Apocalypse. But his life abruptly shifts maglie calcio poco prezzo gears from Grammy Awards and blood dolls to police statements and coroners’ reports when dead blond girls start turning up on his property. Everyone is quick to accuse the resident vampire, and with a list of enemies that dates back four centuries, only his newest opening act can clear his name and help him figure out who’s behind the murders.

Within days of meeting, Xaine and Lore are caught up in a web of intrigue, surrounded by fallen angels, sin-eaters, reapers, and vampires with a deadly agenda. Virtue and Vice, Light and Dark, they are two sides to a celestial coin toss, but they’ll have to work together to vanquish the ghosts that haunt them both.

This is an exciting project, not just because of scope but also projected timeline. Amanda and I have already drafted the first three books in the series, so Books 2 and 3 will follow quickly behind this first release.

While you’re waiting for exciting things like preorder information, you can check out the Pinterest Board, listen to Lisa’s Spotify Playlist, or listen to Amanda’s Spotify Playlist

Chapter One now available to Patreon patrons!