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Another (tiny elephant) milestone

The word from them’s in the know is that the tiny elephant book now has over a quarter of a million copies in print and I am not even sure what to do with that information, to be honest. My first reaction is “holy heck, that is a lot of books.” Which is true. A…
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May 5, 2022 0

LOST ANGELES series announcement

Every time you heard me muttering on Facebook or Twitter about vampires and archangels… this is the project I was working on. COMING SUMMER, 2015… In Los Angeles, everyone could use a guardian angel, even if you’re a tiny piece of Heaven. A year ago, Lourdes Chase lost two months of her life to a…
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April 29, 2015 0

SUGAR SKULL book deal!

I’ve been sitting oh-so-patiently on this news for a month, but now I can fire off the confetti cannons, because Skyscape is going to publish SUGAR SKULL, my near-future YA/NA collaboration with fellow scribbler and smartarse Glenn Dallas. Author of TICKER and the THEATRE ILLUMINATA trilogy, Lisa Mantchev’s and debut author Glenn Dallas’s YA SUGAR…
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February 4, 2015 1

A Grand Experiment in Crowdfunding!

It’s a beautiful thing, to have so many avenues  for creativity. As yet, I had not dipped a toe in the crowdfunding waters, as each of the different sites serve a slightly different purpose with varying goals, none of which lined up with my ongoing projects. But a few of my artistic friends have set…
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January 9, 2015 0

We Go Together

“If you can’t be an athlete… be an athletic supporter.” That’s my favorite line from Grease, and as funny as it is, there’s a note of truth in it. It’s a given that if you’re a writer, you’re also a reader. A lot of readers would like to be published writers. And in the meantime,…
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December 17, 2013 0