Another (tiny elephant) milestone

Another (tiny elephant) milestone

May 5, 2022 Shiny Things Uncategorized Writerly Things 0

The word from them’s in the know is that the tiny elephant book now has over a quarter of a million copies in print and I am not even sure what to do with that information, to be honest.

My first reaction is “holy heck, that is a lot of books.”

Which is true. A lot of books, in a lot of languages. Books in hardcover and more books in paperback for the Scholastic Book Club and also the North American translation in Spanish, which is another level of amazing. Books that are in schools and libraries and bookshelves in homes in so many places that I cannot even begin to comprehend it.

A quarter of a million of ANYTHING is a lot. Like… a lot a lot. Even something tiny, like jellybeans, would be A LOT if 250,000 of them suddenly turned up in your house like some kind of Wonka-sponsored dream.

So I’m raising a toast to Strictly No Elephants, its illustrator Taeeun Yoo, editor Sylvie Frank, Paula Wiseman, and the entire S&S team. Here’s to stepping on cracks when we must, braving the scary things, and doing all that friends do.