Getting My Art On

Getting My Art On

August 28, 2016 Etsy Store 0

Spent a lot of this summer playing with artsy things. Right about the time I fired up an Instagram account, I started producing new content that harkens back to my artsy-fartsy days as a broke college student making gifts for the family at Christmas and birthdays. Back then, it turned into something of a cheerful competition between my sister and I, who frankly kicked my ass at it for several years with her cross-stitching and tole painting.

But now I have discovered OLD TYPEWRITERS and ALCOHOL INKS as well as Distress brand stains. And thus the “TasteTheBadCandy” Etsy Store was born! Follow me over there… I will be posting bits of original Yesteryear microfiction alongside the “what about Bob?” series of pithy art cards.

You Glorious Bastard


Template - Steer Clear - Full

Template - Wasp - Full

Lots more in the works, so be sure to favorite the store to see me in your feed!