Low-Fives from the Tiny Elephant

Low-Fives from the Tiny Elephant

September 15, 2016 Shiny Things 0

First bit of good news… STRICTLY NO ELEPHANTS is a finalist for the Washington State Book Award!

I am pleased as punch to keep company and rub elbows from other writers from my home state. We moved here almost thirteen years ago. Both kids were born here, our business is here, and all of my books–from young adult to picture books–have been written here! I will be attending the ceremony at the Seattle Public Library on October 8th, which is open to the public. The tiny elephant wants you to know that All Are Welcome to attend. <3

Second bit of good news… the French edition was just named on the Liste préliminaire du Prix Jeunesse des libraires du Québec 2017. Félicitations, mini-éléphant!

Thirdly, Belgian publisher C De Vries-Brouwers picked up the Flemish translation rights. CONFETTI!