Loose Canon


Rule Number One: Don’t get attached.

Trick St. John clawed his way out of the worst gutters of London to occupy the most prestigious piece of real estate in Beverly Hills. It’s a luxe lifestyle, custom-tailored to his every whim, inherently dangerous, and deliberately devoid of romantic entanglements. But when a group of vampire revolutionaries called the Legacy start attacking his friends and trying to replicate his work, Trick can no longer afford to ignore the one person he’d most like to avoid.

Rule Number Two: Don’t fuck where you sleep.

On the run from a sordid past, Tes Nicolae finds herself in the the unenviable position of being Trick’s gag birthday gift… just another of his one-hit wonders. That first time might have been the only time, but it nets her a regular blood doll gig at the Friday Night parties, and Trick’s formidable shadow seems like the perfect place to hide. A red-gloved stranger has other ideas, though, stealing her away to a hotel suite where she learns there’s absolutely nothing for her on the other side of death: not heaven, not hell.

Rule Number Three: Get the job done.

Suddenly, it seems that every dark force in Los Angeles is in the market for Tes’s blood, and Trick’s the only thing standing between her and certain death. With the looming apocalypse on the horizon, two street rats born centuries apart will have to break down the barriers between science and faith, human and immortal, the very essence of Light and Dark if they want to survive the coming dawn.

Co-written with A.L. Purol

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