Lost Angeles

The Sexiest Man Alive. 

Xaine Capello lives a life of infamy: fast cars, loose women, and hard rock. For him, falling in love is a weekend gig, so when Lourdes Chase arrives on the scene with her big, blue eyes and clever mouth, it’s all this hot rock star can do to keep his lips--and fangs!--to himself. 

The girl with a dark past, and the voice of an angel.

Lourdes Chase just wants answers, and she follows the trail all the way to the one place she knows she’ll find them: Scion. Determined to solve a year-old mystery that still haunts her, she takes a chance audition at the hottest immortal nightclub in Los Angeles, never expecting to run up against the bad-boy of her dreams.

The killer who torments them both.

Sparks fly and sex sells, rocketing the rock star pair to near-instant superstar status, but when little blond girls start turning up dead on his property, Xaine becomes the prime suspect. With Lourdes as his only alibi, he’s taking no chances, and as it becomes obvious that the murders are no coincidence, it’s up to Xaine and his newest opening act to catch the killer and clear his name before Lourdes becomes the next target.

Co-written with A.L. Purol

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